Vienna map to go presents the ''Find partner'' strategy 2025


2019 - Following on from the busisness concepts of recent years, the Viennamaptogo is now presenting the 2020-2025 ''Find partner'' Strategy, in which two or more firms work together in order to achieve a common objective and overcome unnecessary strugles.


We belive that ''Find partner'' strategy can offer significant advantages for companies that is looking for new bussnes partners in particular competencies or resources. In addition a ''Find partner'' strategy can provide easier access to new markets, new custumers and opportunities for mutual synergy and learning.


''Find partner'' strategy alows find the right partner and apply cooperative strategies to increase companys profits through cooperation with companies that have a lack of competitiveness, experience and have enough resources.


 ''Find partner'' strategy also offers access to new and wider market to companies and the possibility of learning through cooperation. Cooperative strategy has been recently applied by companies that want to open their markets and have a liberalist vision of negotiation.


 ''Find partner'' strategy provide information on new business opportunities and the innovations thatmight be developed to exploit them. Firms use cooperative strategies to align what they believe are complementary assets with the potential to lead to future innovations.

Note: The "Find partner" service is free of charge